About us

About us

Much more than - Very good coffee

BaristoCratia is the place where you spend your morning, lunch break or romantic evening for two. You will enjoy the unique atmosphere that you have to feel for yourself. Enrich your life with carefully selected coffee blends, specially made coffees, as well as numerous snacks and unforgettable treats.

Although a relatively young brand, behind us is standing many year of experience in pursuit for the perfect coffee bean and selection of various gastronomic flavours, which will leave a mark on all your senses .

Pleasing the most finest needs of our guest is the philosophy of our concept.

Start your day with us!

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Njegoševa 31a, Belgrade

Đorđa Ognjanovića 16, Belgrade

Obilićev venac 27, Belgrade

Dr Subotića starijeg 3a, Belgrade

+381 60 600 23 40