Enjoy in carefully selected coffee blends and most finest gastro flavours.
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BaristoCratia is the place where you spend your morning, lunch break or romantic evening for two.
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Much more than - Very good coffee

BaristoCratia is the place where you spend your morning, lunch break or romantic evening for two. You will enjoy the unique atmosphere that you have to feel for yourself. Enrich your life with carefully selected coffee blends, specially made coffees, as well as numerous snacks and unforgettable treats.

Althought a relatively young brand, behind us is standing many year of experience in pursuit for the perfect coffe bean and selection of various gastronomic flavours, which will leave a mark on all your senses . Pleasing the most finest needs of our guest is the philosophy of our concept.

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Coffee Society

Espresso coffee

We offer seven precious blends of espresso coffee, each of them with their own special nuances, harmony and richness of aroma, balance and intensity.

Our Arabica and Robusta grains are carefully selected many times during the year to ensure the collection of ripe berries.

Pure origin

We offer coffe lovers the 10 best varieties of Arabica coffee. When the coffee is fresh and prepared on the best equipment and machines with a special water threatment, it is up to our well- trained barista to leave a heart in every given cup.

For each type of coffee with the origin of Arabica and Robusta, we present the methods of cultivation and harvesting, the roasting process as well as organoleptic characteristics.

We roast small quantities of high quality beans to provide always fresh coffee.


  • Njegoševa 31a, Belgrade
  • Đorđa Ognjanovića 16, Belgrade
  • Obilićev venac 27, Belgrade
  • Dr Subotića starijeg 3a, Belgrade


Coffee was always an inspiration for all consumers. Many celebrated it as divine drink, and even more marked it in folk proverbs.

"Coffee that sober beverage, that powerful nourisher of the mind enhances the clarity of thought, disperses the heavy and gloomy clouds that press the imagination and, in a flash of truth, illuminates reality." James De Franco
"Coffee is just a way to steal the time that rightfully belongs to us as we slowly age." Terry Pratchett